10/10 for Southern USA: Another successful project for BeardowAdams, Inc.

The Problem  | Poor performance

Offering a wide range of floor, porcelain and ceramic tiles, including backsplash tiles and countertops for the American residential, commercial and public industries, we were approached by our client to resolve the adhesives issues they were facing. During colder months when tiles are cold, the adhesive they were using was peeling off, which was damaging the quality of the tiles. The primary requirement of an adhesive is its strength, and our client’s current material was not conforming to their standards.

The Answer | Prodas 2223

With over 40 years’ industry experience, we are well-placed to provide cutting-edge adhesives at affordable prices to our US and international customer base. Our client was searching for a stronger alternative which would not stain and contacted us to see how what options we could provide.

We recommended the Prodas 2223, a solution created by our own team of chemical manufacturers, which offered our client a more suitable option. The Prodas 2223 provided an excellent bond to tile strength, removes easily when needed and does not stain tiles during application.

The Outcome | Success 

Our adhesive got the go-ahead from the client, and as of May 2019, 1 pallet every month will be sent to South US (increasing to 2 pallets per month when additional lines are installed), helping our client to achieve an even higher quality of standard. As the client was so impressed with our services, we have been gifted the opportunity to bid for more business within the company, specifically, box sealing as their current supplier is not meeting their high standards. We’re really pleased with the outcome of this project and look forward to partnering with our client once more!


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