Soft Drink Labelling Adhesives

Our labelling adhesives offer exceptionally strong adhesion and are ideal for use with a vast range of soft drink formats. As low odour adhesives, they can be safely used for most labelling applications and will not taint pack contents in any way.

BAMFutura 801 is a clear, odourless, popular adhesive that satisfies the majority of our customers’ requirements for bottle labelling. It is a high tack, universal product that can be used with most container shapes. In addition, it has the ability to cope with expansion and is perfect for carbonated drinks packaging.

Our BAMFutura 802 adhesive is extremely versatile and offers a high initial grab and a long open time. This makes the product ideal for use in demanding slow start up and rapid labelling applications. BAMFutura 802 is also suitable for carbonated drinks bottles and heat shrink applications where it provides a non-tacky glue line.

BAMFutura 803 has been specifically designed for high speed production lines. Its lower viscosity minimises stringing and allows it to be used with confidence for both chilled and ambient products.

BAM 1726, a high tack labelling grade that is suitable for use on a wide variety of containers, has a high cohesive strength that copes with expansion, and is especially suited for use in labelling carbonated drinks in PET bottles.

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