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Every year, thousands of top food, beverage, pharmaceutical and packaged goods manufacturers rely on our adhesives to enhance their product presentation, differentiate their brands and improve their production line conditions. We have taken this performance to a whole new level with our BAMFutura range; now incredibly successful for packaging.

The BAMFutura range has taken the performance of adhesives for packaging to a new level. Technically advanced and exceptionally versatile, BAMFutura hot-melt packaging adhesives can be used with most machines, materials and pack formats.

We also manufacture adhesives that have been specifically engineered for use within the most demanding case making, carton sealing and tray forming applications. In addition, Beardow Adams appreciates the need for healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging to be secure and tamper-resistant and delivers adhesives that provide exceptional pack construction and sealing strength.

In response to the requirements of the rapidly expanding convenience foods sector, we have developed adhesives that bond strongly to coated surfaces and cope with temperatures down to -40°C. Furthermore, our clean running adhesives can be accurately applied at high speeds, making them ideal for sift proof detergent, cereal, seed, pet food and powder packs.

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