Bio-based Adhesives

Beardow Adams is committed to becoming a greener manufacturer of adhesives by continuing to develop sustainable innovations. We have created a range of bio-based and vegan adhesives, partnered with companies to offer services that drive environmental initiatives, and we continue to work with clients to help them produce products that are kinder to the planet.

Clean, sustainably sourced, bio-based raw materials play an increasing role in the development of our adhesives. Sourcing the latest polymers and resins, combined with research into the latest formulation technologies, Beardow Adams offers a range of adhesives with exceptionally high bio-based content.

BAM 1544 is our best-selling ‘green’ hot-melt adhesive with 35% bio-based materials. We would describe this product as a general-purpose grade for case and carton sealing, as well as tray forming. BAM 1544 is a versatile, cost effective adhesive that offers good hot and cold resistance to untreated boards, gives excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates and has a high molten tack – meaning is has a high holding power even while in a molten state.

BAM 43VE is Beardow Adams’ latest hot-melt vegan adhesive with FDA approval - meaning it can be used in the manufacturing of food labelling and packaging. The product is not made from animal-derived materials and meets the standards of customers seeking a product that meets the principles of veganism – our manufacturing process is subject to clear-out procedures to ensure there is no cross-contamination with any other adhesives being made, for example. 

Beardow Adams manufactures many bio-based adhesives for other industries in addition to packaging, such as labelling, mattress assembly and springs and tapes. Contact: if you would like more information on our green products and services.

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