Lamination Adhesives

Beardow Adams has a large number of proven adhesives for the woodworking sector for numerous applications including edgebanding, profile wrapping, complete line and lamination adhesives. For the ideal adhesive for your exact application, simply get in touch.

Lamination adhesives are typically used to laminate a top paper, foil or wood effect veneer to a piece of wood. This could be for the backboard you get in flat pack furniture or for the base of a drawer – which is usually bonding the laminate to a piece of fibre board or MDF.

For these types of woodworking applications, the adhesive needs to have good adhesion and coat cleanly without leaving any lines, streaks or bubbles. This is because these can show through thinner laminates and thus damage the aesthetic or the finished piece.

BAM 2442 is one of our high-quality lamination adhesives. The product is an unfilled hot melt with high green strength, good adhesion to a variety of substrates and it can also be used as a low viscosity glue in profile wrapping.

Similar in qualities to BAM 2442, BAM 2284S is our hot-melt adhesive developed for lamination applications in the woodworking industry. This glue has a medium molten tack, good adhesion to numerous substrates and can also be used as a low viscosity profile wrapping product.

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