Beardow Adams BAM adhesives form the backbone and core brand of our hot melt adhesive products. BAM encompasses multiple product groups and markets from packaging, labelling, woodworking, converting and bookbinding.

Back in 1976 when Bob Adams and Len Beardow founded Beardow Adams, there was an immediate need to identify the products as being manufactured by them. It was here that the BAM (short for Beardow Adams Melt) was given. This early brand establishment lay the foundation stones of our business and has ultimately helped build the Beardow Adams brand that we see today.

The majority of products Beardow Adams have available carry the BAM prefix to their numerical identification, even the BAMFutura and BAMCare branded products carry an internal BAM number. This, along with our green and black colour scheme, expert market knowledge and product development help you know the product you are using is that of a quality manufacturer, who you can trust in your production.

If you would like to know more about our BAM hot melt adhesives, their uses and technologies please send an email to

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BeardowAdams, Inc. - an adhesive manufacturer that earns your trust (case study)

Such was the case for one of our food packaging customers from the US who trialled our hot melt BAM 2430 on one of their lower volume lines. After an...

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