Water-based Adhesives

Beardow Adams’ water-based adhesives are efficient, clean, reliable and are manufactured for the packaging, labelling, automotive and construction and civil engineering sectors in particular. Our water-based packaging adhesives are suitable for the likes of cartons, folding boxes, bags and crates. 

Beardow Adams’ Signacoll® range of water-based adhesives cover a broad range of bottle labelling applications. The range continues to develop, compromising of products that address the need for higher running speeds and for bottle lines to run smoothly. 

Prodas™ and Prodacoll™ are two of Beardow Adams’ brands that provide proven adhesive solutions for the global automotive sector. These adhesives are manufactured to provide longevity, high temperature resistance and superior adhesion to a broad range of metallic and plastic-based materials.

The same two brands offer high-performance adhesives for the civil engineering and construction sectors. Beardow Adams’ construction and engineering adhesives are used for applications including bonding drainage products and cesspit tank components as well as in the production of laminated insulation materials, cavity closures and anti-heave panels.

If you would like more information, email us at: marketing@beardowadams.com.

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